Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today we were hugely productive. 3 of us drove the car "for real" for the first time, each of us having an opportunity to run it through some gears, toss it around some turns and stand on the brakes. After doing some silly baloney ( professional driver on a closed course):

we pulled the car into the garage and found that the motor was heating things up a bit.


No big deal though - for all we know the cooling system has been filled with earl grey while sitting for the past couple years. We'll figure that out, I'm sure. Driving the car we found that the brakes are terrible, the handling is soft but predictable, the steering wheel is made of 20 grit sand paper, and the car is frigg'n awesome.

We got ready to start pulling the gizzards out:


And then didn't stop till she was completely bare.





A lovely rust color. Things are coming along! Removing the sound deadening involved a very cool high-tech mothod involving smashing the shit out of it with a hammer until it cracked and "flaked" off. It was surprisingly effective!

Next up: rollcage.

Oh yeah; totally forgot to include a before photo:


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